Group Members

Dr Paheli Ghosh

Paheli Ghosh joined the Energy Harvesting Group as a Research Fellow in September 2020. She is a Materials Scientist with research experience in the synthesis of organic, inorganic, 2D materials, composites and organometallic thin films and tuning the properties of hole transport materials for perovskite solar cells. She has completed her PhD from the Open University in 2019 and her PhD thesis was titled ‘Engineering of materials for hole transport applications in perovskite solar cells’. Her research background is investigating the effect of chemical and atmospheric pressure plasma doping of organic, inorganic semiconductors, metal oxides and composites, hole transport materials for perovskite solar cells and aerosol-assisted plasma jet printing of thin films for perovskite devices, 2D materials and composites, perovskite device fabrication and characterisation, electron microscopy and soft X-ray spectroscopy analysis for understanding complex chemistries of molecules and designing/development of equipment for large-scale roll-to-roll processes.

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Shaoyang Wang 


Shaoyang is a current PhD student supervised by Dr Lethy. He obtained his bachelor degree from Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) in China and his master degree in materials science from UCL. Shaoyang’s research is focused on the application of perovskite solar cells for indoor Internet of Things (IoT) components. The topic is mainly related to tuning the bandgap of perovskite materials to fit indoor light spectra, as well as enhancing the efficiency and stability of the photovoltaics to fabricate perovskite solar cells with better performance under indoor light conditions



Alasdair Bulloch

Alasdair is a final year Bsc Project Student, experimenting on the hysteresis behaviour of perovskite solar cells.



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